Winning Story announced!

Oil on canvas, 36 x 48"

Oil on canvas, 36 x 48″

Woodstock Writers Festival Writing Contest #5, Winner Announced!

“Vidalia at the Reservoir” by Susan Ades Stone
Inspired by the painting “Reservoir Deli” by Mary Anne Erickson

My daddy put that cow up there, to tell ya the real truth.You probably think it’s paper maché, like the puppets we made in the first grade around a blowed up balloon with the newspaper strips and flour paste. All I wanted to do was eat that flour paste, cause it smelled so good. And, actually, Eddie Frank did eat a bunch of it and had to get taken to the hospital after he got cramps so bad he had to get carried to the nurse’s office, moaning and groaning. For a smart kid, Eddie could be pretty stupid. We was sure he had glued all his insides together and we couldn’t stop laughing about it until the ambulance came and took him to the hospital. Then we thought he might die, but he came back to school two days later.

So that cow up on top of my grandpa’s Reservoir Deli came off’a our dairy farm in Shandaken. Her milk was probably in your milk shake if you ever tried one there. They’re famous, you know, all over the Catskills. Anyways, you probably won’t believe me, but one minute that cow – her name was Vidalia -­-­ was standing in the field eating grass and the next minute a freak storm come outta nowhere and struck her down with one bolt of lightening. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t of believed it myself. My picture got in the newspaper with the dead cow that Friday.

Next thing I knew, daddy took the poor cow to the guy who does deer heads around here and had her stuffed and shellacked with an awful-­smelling paint. We borrowed Mr. MacInerny’s cherry picker and I helped the men get Vidalia up there on top of the restaurant sign. The milk pail was grandma’s idea.

I just thought you’d wanna know.

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