The Reservoir Deli, another local roadside gem

The full name of this wonderful Ulster County Route 28 roadside treasure is “The Reservoir Delicatessen and Dairy”. How many times have I driven by this great sign and said to myself “I have to stop, get a picture and PAINT that sign”? Hundreds, I’m sure!! So one day last summer, I finally did it! Jumped out of the car, snapped a few pics and dashed inside, notebook in hand to find out a little more about the place.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that when I drive by something year after year, it becomes part of the background of my life. If I were on a special trip to the Catskills, I would have taken a picture of that cow years ago! So I’ve recently made a commitment to documenting and telling the stories of great local roadside attractions, as well as those I find on travel adventures.

Well, this is a brief history, but here goes: the current owners are Brian and Julie Scott. They have operated it as a deli for 39 years! Now that is a real accomplishment! Brian told me that before they owned it, it was a drug store – and before that a yarn store! Not sure of the exact date the first owner Henry Kromke opened it as the Deli Dairy and put up the marvelous sign of the cow – but we thank him for doing so. She’s smiled upon millions of drivers wending their way up Route 28 through Shokan and deep into the Catskills!

If you know anything else about the history of this wonderful roadside landmark, please comment and I will revise this post to include your connection to Route 28 history.

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  1. Pat says

    Love the place they serve the best food around. And at a reasonable price that is good for local’s unlike other places who gear them self’s with high prices intended for city people. One feels welcome there unlike for example other eateries in Phoenicia when you walk in they treat you like your about to steal food.

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