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A Father’s Day Tribute, by Gary Richards

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This is a wonderful, touching story by dear friend and writer Gary Richards. It’s a perfect tribute for Father’s Day and for those of us who are moved by businesses that vanish, and are occasionally reborn. Thank you Gary for allowing me to share it here. DAD I got on the D train. Brooklyn bound. First time I’ve done that in decades. Literally. I don’t know why I chose today. Just did. Today was the day. Inexplicable. As the train [...]

So sad – Kutsher’s Resort in the Catskills, demolished

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THE SCROLL Kutsher’s Resort Will Be Demolished This Month The iconic Catskills hotel to become a health and wellness resort By Stephanie Butnick|May 16, 2014 10:12 AM|Comments: 4 PrintEmail Share3.4K Tweet29 1 0 Postcard image of the pool at Kutsher’s resort. (Kutsher’s Tribeca) The story of the iconic Catskills resort Kutsher’s, one of the last vestiges of Jewish Borscht Belt culture, is coming to an end after more than a century. The Monticello, N.Y. hotel, which opened as Kutsher’s Brothers Farm House in 1907 and operated [...]

Elephant Super Car Wash and Rancho Super Car Wash

I grew up in Seattle, Washington and few images remain in my mind from my childhood, but the fantastic pink neon elephant from the Elephant Super Car Wash is definitely one of them. Imagine my delight last summer when we took a wrong turn trying to get to Interstate 5, and boom – there it was! My heart raced and I immediately stopped the car knowing I had hit roadside gold! Took pictures from several angles and decided I like [...]

Florida Pinups

What says “Florida” more than a great pinup postcard? I’ve put together some of my favorite cards for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Fabulous Florida Postcards

Well it seems my visit to Florida got deep inside my soul and I’m not ready to move onto new adventures quite yet! Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite Florida postcards from my collection. I had to start with this quintessential introduction, which really shows the powerful campaign at work to bring folks from colder, northern climates to sunny, pleasure-filled Florida. “…Every known form of outdoor pleasuring is pursued in Florida, [...]

My favorite pics from “Fun in the Sunshine City”

This is my final post from the great SCA Conference “Fun in the Sunshine City”. I’m sorry to say a final goodbye, but it’s time to move onto new adventures. I thought it would be fun to recap with my fav photos (primarily of signs) from the beautiful sunny state of Florida. I hope you enjoy!   Stay tuned for other blogs about entertaining roadside adventures – as well as great stories about vanishing roadside icons. MAE

Tarpon Springs, Weeki Wachee & Ybor City: Bus trip #2

  For our final day, the SCA planned a bang-up bus tour that had us driving north out of St. Petersburg on US 19, up the coast to Tarpon Springs and Weeki Wachee, winding up with dinner at the famed Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City. Here’s our route (sorry the map was funky right above Tarpon Springs, so I improvised a little!)   As we wended our way out of friendly downtown St. Petersburg, we were told the story of [...]

Society for Commercial Archeology, Papers Symposium

This sounds very lofty, doesn’t it? Here is how the planners viewed this day: “The heart of any SCA conference is the papers symposium where members and new friends have been selected to make visual presentations on roadside resources they have been photographing, writing about and researching.” As mentioned in my first post, the list of topics made my head spin and my heart leap with joy – the challenge – I want it all! http://vanishingroadside.com/2014/04/15/fun-in-the-sunshine-city-society-for-commercial-archeology-conference-in-st-petersburg/ …but I had to [...]

St. Petersburg to Sarasota, Florida – Bus Tour

And we’re off and running with the SCA (Society for Commercial Archeology) on the first day bus tour which promised great adventures! For those of us who have come from winter-weary northeastern or mid-western states, this day held not just the hopes of seeing fantastic survivors of Florida roadside kitsch, but a whole day of warmth and vibrant color as well. I saw a lot of pale faces in the crowd, as well as my own! For anyone who is [...]

Fun in the Sunshine City! Society for Commercial Archeology Conference in St. Petersburg

How thrilled was I when I made the decision to attend my first conference with the folks that I now have come to know as “my tribe”?! “Extremely thrilled”, would be the answer. Knowing only one person who would be attending the conference, I had lots of people to get to know – and more important – lots of great Florida roadside attractions to see. The planners had lined up an action packed schedule that had us on two all [...]