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Society for Commercial Archeology, Papers Symposium

This sounds very lofty, doesn’t it? Here is how the planners viewed this day: “The heart of any SCA conference is the papers symposium where members and new friends have been selected to make visual presentations on roadside resources they have been photographing, writing about and researching.” As mentioned in my first post, the list of topics made my head spin and my heart leap with joy – the challenge – I want it all! http://vanishingroadside.com/2014/04/15/fun-in-the-sunshine-city-society-for-commercial-archeology-conference-in-st-petersburg/ …but I had to [...]

St. Petersburg to Sarasota, Florida – Bus Tour

And we’re off and running with the SCA (Society for Commercial Archeology) on the first day bus tour which promised great adventures! For those of us who have come from winter-weary northeastern or mid-western states, this day held not just the hopes of seeing fantastic survivors of Florida roadside kitsch, but a whole day of warmth and vibrant color as well. I saw a lot of pale faces in the crowd, as well as my own! For anyone who is [...]

Fun in the Sunshine City! Society for Commercial Archeology Conference in St. Petersburg

How thrilled was I when I made the decision to attend my first conference with the folks that I now have come to know as “my tribe”?! “Extremely thrilled”, would be the answer. Knowing only one person who would be attending the conference, I had lots of people to get to know – and more important – lots of great Florida roadside attractions to see. The planners had lined up an action packed schedule that had us on two all [...]

Fun in the Sun with The Society for Commercial Archeology

I couldn’t be more excited to get on an airplane tomorrow and join this wonderful group of folks just like me – who are dedicated to preserving and telling the stories of our American roadside past! Come along for the ride. I’ll be blogging about the conference and posting pictures from some of Florida’s iconic tourist resorts that are still intact. And of course, I’ll be gathering some great images for future paintings and inspiration. See you in St. Petersburg!

Henry’s Hot Dogs, Cicero, Illinois

  I’ve just completed my first painting from historic Route 66 in Illinois (oil on canvas, 40″x40″). Last fall, Richard and I set off to discover the beginning section of Route 66 from Chicago to St. Louis and what a delight it was! The actual starting point is in the heart of downtown Chicago right on Lake Michigan and no guidebooks told us that the plaque was a few blocks away – so we circled the block a few times [...]

The Joy Motel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

The Joy Motel is a joyous place indeed! I found it a few years ago when I was on a road trip specifically focused on finding cool roadside attractions – and thought I’d died and gone to heaven! Located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas – it still features 50′s and 60′s inspired rooms! It even has a vintage 1932 swimming pool! They claim to be the “original Motor Motel” of Eureka Springs since 1929! Wow! Kudos to these folks for keeping [...]

New York Route 28 Ice Cream Cone – Vanished!

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Well it’s finally happened! Another one of my favorite local landmarks, the giant ice cream cone at Meredith’s Bread on Route 28 between Woodstock and Kingston is gone. I’m disconsolate! I drive along this route about twice a day and seeing the giant cone always made me smile! I have wanted to paint the local icon for years – and now that it’s gone I’ve committed to making that one of my winter projects. The giant ice cream cone will [...]

Magical Getaway in Woodstock, New York

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As Hudson Valley residents, my husband and I are always on the lookout for great places to go for a romantic overnight that are fairly close to home. Over the years, we’ve gone as far afield as Lake George or the Berkshires (1-2 hour drives), we love The Mohonk Mountain House, which is always an amazing trip of historic significance considering when it was built and the magnificence of the hotel itself (a 1/2 hour drive). We love going into [...]

New Route 66 Adventure

Today is the last day of my art show at Oriole 9 in Woodstock, New York – “Route 66 Revisited”! It’s been such fun to share some of my paintings from our trip last January in Arizona and California. That trip ignited a true passion for this treasured route and I have made a commitment to explore the entire road within the next few years. So, the new plan is to do the first leg of Route 66 from Chicago [...]

Mesa Preservation Foundation Rocks!

We recently returned from a fabulous road trip canvasing Arizona and Southern California, primarily focused on the legendary Route 66! I’ve devoted several blogs to our adventures on #66, and now I’d like to give you an update on the amazing work being done by a group called the Mesa Preservation Foundation. This group did not exist until a cherished animated neon sign at The Starlight Motel on Main Street (the old Apache Trail) smashed to the ground on October [...]